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Your home is your sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of life. Making your space suit your lifestyle instead of the other way round helps creates the life that you envision for yourself and those around you. At Namasaya Interiors me make it our priority to ensure that the created space closely fit the unique lifestyles of our clients. We work closely with our clients to offer comprehensive, innovative and practical turnkey interior solutions. We help you bring out the best in your interior space that is functional yet bears your unique personality imprint. Great care is taken to understand clearly our clients’ space aspirations, create designs that articulate such aspirations and build them to reality, without compromising quality.

The process begins thorough dialogue with our clients to determine the functional and aesthetic needs of the project and to gain a complete understanding of our clients expectations. We’ll work with your tastes, preferences, and space to create your ideal environment. Our Full service Interior Décor & project management service includes and is not limited to:

• Interior space analysis

• Mood board planning & Conceptual Design

• initial concept planning and budgeting

• Selection, specification, and design of interior lighting and fixtures

• Selection, procurement and installation of furniture, artwork, and accessories

• Renovation Interiors Upgrades

• Soft Furnishings and Accessories

• Custom Furniture Manufacturing and Sourcing


  • You have made the decision that you need an Interior decorator/Designer, we are here to guide you through the process.
  • A detailed questionnaire is sent to you to get a view of your full needs, preferences and living arrangements
  • After this has been filled out and sent back to your designer, the fun really begins!


  • In this step, we develop a clear direction and scope for your project. We’ll meet in your home to get to know you, your house, your needs, and your vision. We’ll ask questions. You’ll ask questions
  • We determine the ‘non-negotiables’ and better understand the context – the architectural style and detail of the house, the flow of the space, the natural light, the interior style in other parts of the house. We’ll note the pieces you already have – forgotten, perhaps – that can be re-finished or re-purposed.
  • Of course you will also have questions. We will thoroughly explain the remaining steps. We’ll discuss costs and timelines. You may want references before deciding to proceed.


  • This step, the designer creates a mock-up of your space & required look. We determine the optimal objects for and layout of the room.
  • In this step we develop a cohesive palette of colours, materials, textures, build and finish details. We choose paint and stain colours, fabrics, rugs, and lamps.
  • We’ll meet again to review these preliminary plans. It is important to understand that the Plan View is a proposal. At this stage, we can easily change and replace items should you request.
  • It is the designer’s job to suggest alternative ways to achieve an aesthetic objective within the limitations of a project, whether it be space, timeline, or budget. Good design is as much calculation as inspiration. Understanding what won’t work is as important as knowing what will.
  • This step can take up to 3 mockups to get final approval.
  • A small flat fee is charged for work done on mockups.


  • With the information gathered thus far and the mockup approved, we are now equipped to advise on the scope and budget of your unique project. When we complete this step, you will know what it will take to interpret your vision to fit your context and limitations’
  • We’ll discuss timeline, payment, installation details, and every particular to prepare us for the next step, Delivery & Setup. You may live far away, and everything may have to be shipped. Will you arrange the painter or will we? Will the quote for painting include the paint? Such details must be expected and not overlooked. We do not want any surprises!
  • Depending on the scope of your job, we have two types of fees. A one time design fee (flat fee) per room or a percentage of total job fee. A retainer is requested before proceeding with your project.
  • More detailed questions regarding your needs, utilization of space and budget are also discussed.


  • In this step, the designer visits your home to gather more detailed information. We take measurements of your space noting electrical outlets, registers, bulkheads, hearths, mantles, door swings, and so on. We walk a grid of your space while taking photos from every angle.
  • Of course the conversation will continue. Our questions will be more specific. You’ll help us to learn more about how you live and what is important to you.


  • This is our final step, and certainly the most exciting! While you were waiting for the big day, we were planning, ordering and confirming, measuring, sewing, building, and finishing the various pieces designed just for you.
  • Everything you are expecting, as outlined in your Final Presentation, will be delivered and setup on the same day, after the completion of any preliminary site work – maybe new flooring, fresh paint, new window treatment, etc.
  • The designer will arrive with our delivery crew to lay the rugs, place the furniture, hang the artwork, style the bookcases, set up the lamps – even to screwing in the light bulbs – and attend to all the finishing touches.


  • Congratulations! The stress and wait is over! You can now enjoy your new home!!!

We will responsibly guide you through every aspect of the design process.

Guard your privacy and protect your personal space.

Communicate frequently and with the method you prefer.

Design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.

Select products for their impact on the environment, and their aesthetics, appropriateness and durability.

Recommend reputable and responsible manufacturers and contractors to execute our designs.

Manage your project with professionalism, respect, and above all, integrity.

Consider the environment impact of everything we do for you.

Be completely honest with you even if it isn’t what you want to hear

Have tons of fun!