I love all things wedding. Really I do… I’ll take this over any other thing in the world… except maybe making homes beautiful… but planning a wedding isn’t easy, in fact its hella hard! Yet there are some ladies who do it by themselves!!! Strongs to them! I did it myself and I still say…STRONGS to them!

So in every wedding planning scenario there are 5 stages… I promise you. 5 very stark stages that we all go through, even as planners to a certain extent… we just know that the goodness doesn’t last and the happiness will definitely happen… something some brides only find out at the end.. poor souls… and their hubbys… poorer souls!

Stage 1: Denial
Of course everything is going to go perfectly. Why wouldn’t it? All these so-called problems that are coming up aren’t really that bad. All the people who have said this is hard are just drama queens… my friend who landed up in hospital due to exhaustion 2 weeks before her big day is WEAK!!! #BEASTMODE #IGOTTHIS #LEGGO

“I’ll definitely have enough time to make these 5 DIY projects for my wedding in the next week.”

“I’m sure my future in-law didn’t mean it when she said she wanted to invite all her second cousins. Right?”

“ my future hubby will definitely change his mind about that poo green suit he wants…”

Stage 2: Frustration
Ok, so things are starting to get really annoying… my super organised bridesmaids are forever late… why don’t they like the dress design, can we just decide on A dress design. A third of your invitations got lost in the mail and your mom inlaw is starting to visit VERY frequently… why are people working against you and not with you!

Stage 3: Bargaining.
The budget is blown!!!! And there’s 6 months to go!!! The hustler in you comes out. Vendors start hearing the same lady who was speaking about Chrystal champagne flutes ask how much things will cost if she takes out a jug of juice per table…. Florists get calls to half the roses in a centrepiece… and the seamstress needs to find cheaper chiffon in fordsburg!! We aren’t Donald Trump here! Your budget spreadsheet is giving you nightmares… cold sweats…

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 14.17.47





Stage 4: Depression.
You give up! You don’t even want to get married!!! Why did you say yes to this loser who can’t even get you the hydrangeas you want for your day!!! Why is your mom in-law STILL here!!! Your crying every other day and the wedding starvation isn’t helping. You’re sick of salad, you’re sick of water and you’re sick of fabrics! A damn glass is a glass! Who cares if it’s got a 3cm rim or not! Let’s elope.. better yet let’s just not be married… Goldie Hawn did it for…ever… we’ll be fine!

Meanwhile your Fiancé thinks you have lost your mind… he’s worried he’s getting married to a HLANYO…..( direct translation… crazy bia***)

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 14.17.55 








Stage 5: Acceptance.
Your wedding is going to be perfect. We repeat, IT’S GOING TO BE PERFECT. Not because of the perfect cake or the right sized napkin, not because they’ll be every type of flower in your centrepiece and definitely not because cousin Thandi and her white boyfriend will be there to give it extra pele pele ( spice) … no, your day will be perfect because you are finally sharing with your chosen loved ones the intention you and the man you love have made to share the rest of your lives together…. You are getting married to the love of your life… nothing more perfect than that… and you finally realise this…. Sometimes happens the month before… usually 3 hours before you walk down the isle… but from that moment onwards… the wrong knife set and the incorrect wedding song, the tipsy bridesmaid and the bossy mother, they all stop mattering… it’s just you and him… and its perfect.

So go on with your bad girl QUEEN planner!!!! You Got’s this! And in any case who could be better at planning the day you’ve played over in your head a bjillion times better than you, its originator…




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