If you’re going to potato…. Potato properly

I don’t know about you but I have been to some homes with some shocking couches, from the unnaturally common cover a hole up with a cloth tactic, the leather that looks like stretch marks on a zebra or the strange couch that used to be cream but now is a strange mix of brown and black… My personal favourite though is the new couch, the brand new couch that looks like it should be teleported back into 1987 where it belongs. Now… I am not a couch snob, in-fact I am very “couch tolerant” … I have a toddler who thinks all surfaces are canvasses, so I have to be, and listen we all differ in our couch tastes… but with that said…. A couch is your living rooms most pivotal item. It sets the scene and acts as the anchor for your room (A post for another day!) so logically this would be a piece that you put some real thought into- am I right? Whether you have traditional tastes, or a more modern outlook on interior décor, there are fresh couch designs for you.

The choice of a couch is hugely dependant on style, tastes, and current favourites. We all know that Coricroft offers a different look to Sevens, but what will remain consistent is that a new couch can change your home… and in my experience, your life ( I am NOT EVEN BEING DRAMATIC!!) . And by new I don’t even mean new new, I have recently been introduced to people who restructure couches….yes…. like plastic surgery for couches…. Think… upholst-gery. So if you’ve been feeling low on life…every time you come into your space… perhaps consider giving your couch an uplift … think…couchlift (I am on fire!)

Below are 7 current and really stunning couch styles that will create an amazing anchor to your home when coupled with the right pieces, and even if they aren’t… at-least you know you have one hell of a stunning couch.




For those who are grand at heart, this is the perfect addition to your home. Mix it with a few contrasting modern scatters and you have yourself an interesting feast of the eyes in your very own living room. While not something I would put in my own living room I love the ornate grand feel of this timeless design.



One of my ultimates! When you still want the buttons but need a modern functional seating solution!!! I love the Engage couch because it is current but still a couch… its not technology, get it in a turquoise or bright yellow for those who are brave or stick to grey and beige if you want a calm focal point to standout in your space… either way with this couch… EVERYONE will be engaged to your living room!



No need to guess why it’s called the eloquence…. Dating back from the times of king Louis XVI and his silly wife of the French revolution… these were the chairs that all the delicious cakes were being enjoyed on… think stylish tea party in your lounge! Never gets old.





Size doesn’t always matter, The Avalon is great for smaller lofts or apartments. What it gives up in size it makes up for in style, The arm design is a winner for me and the base ( you have to see the details) gives it 5 stars in my books. Plus it will easily fit through any doorway- WIN!




The Sloane sofa takes that comfortable Coricroft type sofa to the next level of style… if you’re a sucker for comfort and want that warm country home feeling, but without the country bumkin look, this couch is for you.



AAAH- the bachelors choice. Sleek, simple and stylish. With ample room for pillows and people, sitting or stretching out, this contemporary couch offers comfort and style, with this couch that Friday night hosting won’t bring anxiety…. To the contrary people won’t want to leave!




The Chestire with the difference…. Chestire’s hotter Spanish cousin… you see if I am to get a chestire… I’ll get LINOSA. Exotic in name and hella sexy in appearance… No more words… go on stare.

Okay I am done- This list could go on forever! The long and short choose your couch carefully, take time and if you like a design get it custom made…. Your going to spend a lot of time with that baby, make her stunning!

Love and lots of lavish lounging nights


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