Kramerville a decorators Heaven

I am relatively new to this interior decor game, I will humbly make that assertion, and like a baby to a bottle, I gravitate completely to the most familiar and easy to navigate through spots in Joburg when it comes to shopping for my clients… don’t get me wrong, I have a natural (And crazy) obsession with finding hidden gems when it comes to furniture shops and custom furniture makers… I get a thrill in finding a piece I NEED to have for a client but know it’s not easily available… but on those days where I have to turn a home around in…. negative days ( it happens!) I love knowing there’s an easy to find spot with all my needs and quick turnaround times…

Cue…. Kramerville…

In existence for a while, but only recently becoming the buzzword for all décor & aesthetic enthusiasts… it’s become the Silicon Valley for designers, carpenters and décor enthusiasts… the aspirational mecca of design, and listen it has earned its stripes.

The Sunday times was quoted saying:

“Kramerville is Joburg’s must-visit area for all things decor-related”

And I must agree. Now, it’s not easy on the pockets, by any stretch of the imagination, in fact… you will probably blow your life savings on bed linen.. but nothing ever worthwhile is. Many shops to choose from and some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G custom pieces, where you know your home and yours alone will have it! You can find the mega international players, the run of the mills and some amazing speciality stores… all in one area.

But the store that will take you to a place of pure ecstasy, if your anything like me… is Weylandts…. Oh Weylandts

Let me break this store down… three levels, yes 3, showcasing contemporary furniture sourced from around the world, the store itself is a designer’s gem, the lighting, the space utilisation…. You won’t want to leave! And if like me you opt not to leave… even if you buy exactly zilch… you can go to their amazing bistro, The Kitchen, they serve amazing chic fusion dishes like Franschhoek trout gravlax and seared lamb caponata on artisan bread. (sigh)


I aspire to produce some of the work some of the interior designers in Kramerville produce, and I am not ashamed to say I sometimes just go to sit and stare and the competitors work… oooh and aaaah at the smart placement of various pieces and just downright marvel at others creativity….

My only negative comment about the place is the shortage of locally produced furniture, fabrics and upholstery pieces….. they could do more to develop our local talent…. That’s okay though… I am coming….soon.

I will do a write up on a few of my favourite spots there soon, I am currently up to my big hair in moodboards and wedding planning…. In the meantime shapa a short left that side…Trust me… you won’t regret,

Kramerville is in fact the legitimate design quarter of Joburg. ( No hate Fourways Design Quarter hehe)

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