Winter is coming…

And it looks like its set to be a cold one….has anyone else realised that winter started end of March this year!!! So what now Winter bride! I know your whole family has already moaned about a cold wedding, not being able to have a garden ceremony, they have lamented about having to wear cover ups and you have wrecked your brain trying to figure out how you will keep warm on a freezing day in July.

There are many reasons not to get married in winter. But there are an equal number of reasons why it’s a brilliant Idea!!!!



So the venue you have been salivating on ever since he went down on his knees, that is booked for like 3 years in advance ( Trust me the venue struggles can get so real! ) may in most likelihood have a date opening in winter, it may not be YOUR date… but it’s A date!



Most venues can drop their venue fees by almost half if not more in winter! Yes! Half! Wedding traffic from May until August is very slow, so most wedding venues lower their costs to encourage the brave few to venture into a winter wonderland. Take it from a person who looks at wedding budgets daily..A halved venue fee can be a Godsent!



I don’t know about you, but candles JUST DO IT! They add the most romantic energy to a space and really work at creating an ambience…. Winter is the perfect excuse to go candle crazy! They are a fraction of the cost of flowers and do just as hard a job at making a wedding stunning! So much so, that even the summer brides go candle mad… under the guise of… evening chill… hahaha



So yes, the cost of flowers may definitely not be lower in the winter seasons, but most vendors offer specials in winter to drive sales…. Listen winter is like that sale item you were waiting for… it’s Alexander Mqueen but at HALF the cost! Also. Winter gives you such an opportunity to get really creative with colours… you can either go really winter style on floral choices… or you can create summer in winter… how refreshing would it be to walk into a fresh reminder of spring to come on a cold winter evening!



There is NO sunset, like the winter sunset- with the right photographer, your pictures can be spectacular. The sun sets earlier, so you can have your sunset moment, the winter sunrise is amazing, take advantage of this and do a small morning shoot.



Nothing like a warm meal on a winters’ day… definitely one of the top 10 things of…life… generally! Now you can have all the yummy comforts as part of your menu offering. And Dessert! You can go crazy with amazing warm desserts. Winter Menus are the khaleesi of the wedding menu’s.



The MOST compelling reason to have a wedding in winter….. Getting on a plane, flying half way across the world… and stepping out into SUMMER!


You’re already a standout couple. The fact that you have chosen a winter wedding, already puts you in your own league… few are brave enough! Enjoy the perks that come with that. Either way, summer, winter, spring, autumn, your day is your day and it will always be the MOST special day.


Love and a warm cup of pumpkin soup ( with a crispy Ciabatta roll)







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