Welcome to Namasaya!


The excitement is so deep! After many years of playing with the idea of sharing my thoughts on eventing and interiors, actually, just on anything beautiful! I have finally mustered up the guts to do so!

I am so excited to be sharing my Namasaya journey with you, but more especially, I am stoked to be sharing all the million thoughts in my head on how you can create magic in your life.

For me décor, whether it be for an event or in your home, brings an incredible amount of joy. Colour, light, a centrepiece of amazing flowers, that scatter cushion that looks just right, these are a few things I believe can truly change your mood and ultimately your life…and I am thrilled to be part of the journey that puts this “lulu theory” to the test.

Welcome to the world on infinite opportunity and great beauty! We hope you imbue as much joy in seeing all things décor, as it brings us to share them with you.

Love & Spectacular light


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